Winners of PocketPC Mag’s Best Software Awards 2007 for Pocket PC

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Best Software Awards 2007 given by Pocket PC Magazine. Here is a summary of all the winners in all categories

Bluetooth – BlueMouse
Call and SMS Blocker – Magicall
Call Recorders and Answering Machines – Resco Audio Recorder
Connection Manager – GB Soft
External Phone Handlers – Sunnysoft Calling Card
Fax – Pocket Phone Tools Pro
Miscellaneous Phone – JazzySMS
Multifunction Phone Utilities – PhoneAlarm
Phone Dialer – Phone Plus
Phone Info Access (Non-WM) – Indovisi SMS
Phone Info Access (WM) – SPB GPRS Monitor
SIP and VOIP – Skype
SMS Auto-Reply and Mass Sending – Auto SMS Reply
Synchronization – Pocket Mirror Professional

Vingate Computers – CastCE
32-bit Desktop Game Consoles – FpsCE
8-bit Computers – Pocket Commodore 64
Arcade Machine – Final Burn Alpha
Calculator Emulator – MU48
MegaDrive Genesis – PicoDrive
SNES Emulator – SNES Module for Morphgear
TurboGraphx16 – The PCE / TG-16 module for SmartGear
Game Interpreters – SCUMMVM
Handheld Game Console – Game Gear Module for Smart Gear
Gameboy – PocketGBA
Misc Game Consoles – Pocket VCS
Multiplatform Game Console Emulator – Smart Gear
x86 and other Productivity Platforms – StyleTap

Action – Anthelion 2: Celestial Vigilance
Adventure – Broken Sword Shadow of Templars
Backgammon – Multiplayer Championship Backgammon
Board Games – Monopoly
Bomberman Clones – Explode Arena
Card Games – Championship Spades Pro
Casino Games – All Mobile Casino
Chess Games – Pocket Grandmaster
Classic Arcade – Atomic Canon Pocket
Color Matching – Bejeweled 2
First Person Shooter – Call of Duty 2
Game Packs – Gamebox Classics
Golf Game – Links
Kids’ Games – SPB Numbers
Mahjong – Shanghai Pocket Essentials
Non-Run and Jump Platform – Meltdown
Number Puzzles – Mastersoft Kakuro
Poker Games – Multiplayer Championship Poker Texas Hold ‘em
Puzzle Games – Brain Evolution
Racing Games – Street Duel: Underground Racing
Real-Time Strategy – Machines at War
Role Playing Games – The Quest
Run and Jump Platform Scrollers – BoneyBoy
Scrolling Shooters – Skyforce Reloaded
Simulations – Lemonade Tycoon
Solitaire Games – Gamebox Solitaire
Sports Games – Virtual Pool Mobile
Strategy Games – Azgard Defence
Sudoku Puzzles – Mastersoft SuDoku V2
Tetris – Handmark Tetris
Puzzle Adventure Games – Hyperspace Delivery Boy
Trivia Games – Trivial Pursuit Handheld Edition
Turn-Based Strategy – Orions: Legend of Wizards
Word Puzzles – Across Lite Mobile

Geocaching – BeeLine GPS
GPS Moving Map – GPS Tuner
GPS Utilities – Franson GPS Gate

Contact Management – ContactBreeze
Database – VisualCE Professional
Dining – Wine Enthusiast Guide
Finance – SPB Finance
Genealogy – Pocket Genealogist
Health and Fitness – MySport Training
List Managers – ListPro
Miscellaneous Information Manager – PocketPlan
PIMs – Pocket Informant
Secure Information Manager – SPB Wallet
Sporting – Intelligolf Eagle Edition for Pocket PC
Student Planners – The Dog Ate It

Browsers and Web Utilities – Opera Mobile
Chat and Messaging – Agile Messenger
Email – Flexmail
Internet Explorer Mobile add-on/plug-ins – PIE Plus
News readers – NewsBreak
Terminals – mToken
Web Compression Service – Skweezer

Audio Player – PocketMusic for Pocket PC
Audio Recorders – Virtual Recorder
Desktop Multimedia Recording/Converting/Ripping – DBPowerAmp
DPS/Sound Enhancement – Pocket RTA Professional
DVD Converters – DVD Catalyst GT
Graphic Design and Drawing – Pocket Artist
Image Management – Resco Photo Viewer
Midi and Karaoke – IntelliArt Midi Player
Miscellaneous Audio Tools – Pocket MusicTerm
Music Composition – SynTrax
Powerpoint Presentation – Pocket Slides
Radio Tuner/Streaming – Pocket Radio
Remote Media Controller – Bluetooth Remote Control for Windows Mobile
Video – CorePlayer Mobile

Astronomy – Pocket Stars
Document Viewers – TextMaker
eBook Readers – Mobipocket Reader
Educational – Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide
Multilingual Dictionaries – LingvoSoft Bilingual Talking Dictionaries
One Language English Dictionary – Lexisgoo English Dictionary
Religious – Laridian PocketBible
Specialized Dictionaries – MSDict Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary
Thesaurus – TrueTerm Thesaurus

Guides – WorldMate Professional Edition
Info Managers – SPB Traveler
Time – CityTime

Backup Tools – Sprite Backup
Memory Meters – PocketSys Watch
Button Enhancer – VITO ButtonMapper
Calculators – HiCalc
Command Prompt and Scripting – MortScript
File Management – Resco Explorer
File System – Storage Tools
FTP Clients – FTP Explorer Mobile
Handwriting – Calligrapher
IRC – Pocket IRC
Mind Mapping – Pocket Mindmap
Miscellaneous Utilities – TapText
Maintenance Tools – SKTools
Networking – vxUTIL
Notes – PhatNotes 5
Speed Boosting – Pocket Hack Master
Printing – PrintBoy
Registry Editor – PHM Registry Editor
Remote Host Controller – LogMeIn Pro
Screen Capture – CapturePro
Security – Airscanner Professional Security Suite
Soft Keyboard – TenGO
Speech and Voice Commander/Dialer – Microsoft Voice Command
System and Registry – SKTracker
System Metrics – ABCTaskMan
System Tweakers – Tweaks2k2 .NET
Task Managers – HandySwitcher
Theme Creation/Management – ThemeGenCE
Time and Expenses – TimeTTracker MX2
Time Utilities – TimeKeeper
Today Information/Plug-ins – PocketBreeze
Today Launchers – SPB Pocket Plus
TV and stereo Remote – NoviiRemote Deluxe
Unit Conversions – Conversions In Hand
Menu Improvers – SPB Mobile Shell
Weather, News, Stocks – SPB Weather
Windows Mobile Device Controller – Pocket Controller Professional

If you want to check out the complete list of winners including the nominees for all categories, click here.


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