What is the maximum length of an …

  • URL
  1. Internet explorer
    Microsoft states that the maximum length of a URL in Internet Explorer is 2,083 characters, with no more than 2,048 characters in the path portion of the URL. Test result, attempts to use URLs longer than this produced a clear error message in Internet Explorer.
  2. Firefox
    After 65,536 characters, the location bar no longer displays the URL in Windows Firefox 1.5.x. However, longer URLs will work. I stopped testing after 100,000 characters
  3. Opera
    At least 190,000 characters will work. I stopped testing after 190,000 characters. Opera 9 for Windows continued to display a fully editable, copyable and pasteable URL in the location bar even at 190,000 characters.
  4. Safari
    At least 80,000 characters will work. I stopped testing after 80,000 characters.
    source : http://www.boutell.com/newfaq/misc/urllength.html)
  • E-Mail Address
    Every email address is composed of two parts. The local part comes before the ‘@’ sign, and the domain part follows it. In “user@example.com”, the local part is “user”, and the domain part is “example.com”. The

    1. Local part must not exceed 64 characters and
    2. The domain part cannot be longer than 255 characters.

    In sum, an email address can be 320 characters long at most. When you create an address, make sure your user name has less than 65 characters.
    (source : http://email.about.com/od/emailbehindthescenes/f/address_length.htm)

  • Pl/SQL Sequence
    Pl/SQL sequence has 28 digit number, it may represented by MAXVALUE : 999999999999999999999999999

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