How to find tablesize in Oracle

Sometime we need to determine how much size will be allocated in our system.
Oracle provide query how to find table size. Its so simple, just put this script into sqlplus :


If You want to convert into KB, MG or GB You should convert the values in the BYTE coulumn into

Gigabytes   => ROUND((BYTE/1073741824*100)/100)||’ GB’
Megabytes => ROUND((BYTE/1048576*100)/100)||’ MB’
Kilobytes    => ROUND((BYTE/1024*100)/100)||’ KB’


One thought on “How to find tablesize in Oracle

  1. Thank you.
    For Oracle10g changed BYTE to BYTES.
    Also select based on size and then union the tree selects together so each table comes out in KB, MB or GB. So far no PB 🙂

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